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This site is used in conjunction with hands-on labs.

Your lab’s public IP address and a lab code are required to be issued a lab number. If your lab does not specify a lab code, please have your instructor or proctor contact us at labcode@wadeware.net with your lab title in the subject line.

Use the Generate Lab Number tab to receive your five-digit lab number.


Use the Update Public IP Address tab if you need to change the public IP address you already registered.

Generate Student Lab Number:

The public IP address you provide will be associated with a unique lab number. A name server pointer record (PTR) will be created for your lab in the O365Ready.com DNS zone. This PTR record will send all DNS requests for your lab domain to your lab’s DNS server.

The PTR record will be available for 90 days and then it will be removed.

After submitting your public IP address and Lab Code, you will be issued a five-digit lab number. Please record this number somewhere. There is no mechanism available for you to retrieve your lab number should you forget it.

Later, if you need to change your public IP address, return to this website and then select the Update Public IP address tab.

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Student Lab Number is:

Update Public IP Address:

It may happen that your lab’s public IP address has changed, and you need to update your lab’s five-digit number and public IP address association. You can update that information here.

Using your five-digit Lab Number, the public IP address you used originally, and your new public IP address, complete the following fields and then select Submit.

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